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The Nourishing Thought:  “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity.  The optimist seeks opportunity in every difficult.”  Winston Churchill 

 Words of Wisdom:  “Knowing is not enough;  we must apply what we know.  Wishing is not enough;  we must do our wishes.”  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

“Creativity is intelligence having fun!”  Albert Einstein 

Sermon, August 12, 2018   The Widow’s Mite 

Contrary to popular thought, this biblical lesson isn’t about is totally about trust in God’s way of living.  The story indicates that Jesus and his friends were standing near the Women’s Court in the temple watching who tossed money into one of the 13 receptacles that were spaced throughout this court.  The wealthy made a great show of throwing enough coins in to make a be noticed.  However, the indigent woman, the widow, only had to of the smallest coins...the two equaled a penny.  She put both in and they made not a sound.  

Here was a woman herself in need of charity, however she had a giving heart and willingly gave her last money to God. 

Listen to this modern day parable that teaches the same lesson.  A Sunday School teacher had a class of children 7 to 9 years old.  She was teaching a lesson about obeying God and being generous.  Very excitably she asked the class, “If you had a million dollars would you be willing to give most of it to help people in need?”  Equally excited the class shouted “Yes!  Then she asked if you had a hundred thousand dollars would you be willing to give most of it to help the poor?”  The class shouted “Yes!”  Then she asked, “If you had one dollar, would you be willing to give most of it to help people in need?”  The class shouted “Yes” except for one boy who shouted “No!”  The teacher asked him why he said “no”.  His answer was, “Because I have a dollar.” 

Think about it.  Altruism, helping, loving, being generous are wonderful to think about, delightful to ponder, nice to consider...but actually doing loving, giving, being altruistic at your own risk and cost are altogether something different.  We want to keep what we have even though our faith says we own nothing...God owns it all.  God allows us to use what we have, what we have worked hard for and earned, to assist his people in need. 

The story of the widow is her life and livelihood means very little outside of her devotion to her God.  She trusted God with her livelihood which was her life.   

Some folks don’t like to think about offering what we have to God’s work for fear we will lose what we have….but let me remind you.  Thirteen years ago many of you in this room lost every possession you, car, jewelry, photos, lifetime memories to a storm named Katrina.  But look at your now.  Some have more than you ever had.  Some have had those important things replaced.  God did not leave you alone….through people who have a willingness to help and give came forward and resurrected this community.  

The moral of this teaching is we must never, ever, ever blame fear, our fear of loss, for not obeying God’s call to give yourself away in whatever way it comes to you at whatever the cost.  A radical teaching? “Yes.”  Isn’t that what a Christian, a follower of Christ is asked to do?  Live radically on God’s terms not your own. 

If and when you decide to do so you will never regret it.  It is the way of Christ.  Amen