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The Nourishing Place

The Nourishing Thought:  "If evolution really works, then how come mothers only have two hands!"  Milton Berle

Words of Wisdom:  "A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person who makes leaning unnecessary."

"Life does not come with a manual; it comes with a mother."  

"A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take."  Cardinal Mello

These words are probably very similar to words our mothers taught us when we were young.  If our mothers were wise and loving she took time to show us by her own actions the things that make life magnificent and meaningful.  Our mothers may not have had strength, power, or calling that Paul and the other disciples had, but I think they wanted what's best for their offspring.  

On this Mother's Day, I hope each of us will take a long moment and remember, for good or ill, the impact our moms had on us.  IF it was good, let us continue to share and pass on that good wisdom.    If our relationship with mother was lacking and not very good, then be wise and seek counsel from others who love you.  We all in our own way need to honor our fathers and our mothers... simply because God dictated that commandment for our own good!

Let's see what Paul teaches us today that may be like what our mothers taught us...

The book of Phillipians was written by Paul to build up the morale of his friends in Philippi.  He cared deeply for these people who were new in their acceptance of Christ as their Lord and Master.  Paul wanted to make sure they knew how God wants them, and us to speak and behave.  

Therefore, he wrote this book that applies theology to life.  Paul offered warm and wise basic advice about everyday concerns, concerns that have not changed much in over 2000 years since he wrote this holy document.

Paul spoke about our attitudes and our approach to the life we live every day.  He teaches us to rejoice, that is have joy, bubbling over within us...that job cleanses out the negativity we so like to place in our hearts and minds.  He teaches us to be gentle with each other for he knows first hand the stresses and hardships of life.  He pleads with us to not worry....when we worry we clearly are not trusting God, who loves us above all else.  Paul says we must pray about everything... that is talk to our Gracious God about what dilemmas we face what problems we are trying to overcome, talk to Him about things we do not understand...then listen to what he tells us back in the very core of our being.  And then Paul says the easiest best way to live is to think and do what is right...then he gives us a promise.  He says if you do these things God's peace will be with you always.

Now we must remember Paul was certainly not a perfect human being.  But he did learn some crucial principles and values along the road of life.  His mos timportant piece of advice is that we model our lives after that of our loving Lord we call Jesus.  Jesus loved deeply, and he followed God's will no matter what the cost.  Can we do teh same?  And a better question is, will you do the same?