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Sermon, December 7, 2019

Faith.  There are hundreds of scriptures on faith in both the old and new testaments.  Faith is paramount to being a believer of God Almighty and a follower of Jesus Christ and his teachings.  This past week I have read many of these scriptures and each one has its own interpretation and speciality...all are enlightening and inspiring.  Here are two familiar ones:

Recognizing that each of us have our own views of faith, what it means, how we use it, and how if impacts our daily lives I  will share with you my own view of faith..

I am going to use the letters in the word faith to share what it means to me.  But, first and foremost, faith to me is a state of being that is God given, yet up to us to discover it within our selves and use it to help bring the kingdom of God into being in our own environments and surroundings.

First the F.  The f in faith to me means fun.  Faith is fun. The reason is, if we have faith, are faithful, then we do not dwell on the demeaning, hurtful negatives of life. We do not succumb to troubles, woes, or problems.  We deal with life including the joys and sorrows each day with a gracious attitude, an ability to smile and laugh in spite of the sorrows and disappointments we experience.  We are able to laugh at ourselves and take no offense at all.  We see the humor in being human.

2. The A in faith stands for adventure.  If we are persons of faith, we are less fearful and more eager to experience life in abundance.  We are willing to  take a few more risks, if they are not life-threatening. And we are more able to follow our instincts, our talents and skills, wherever they take us. We are not bound by our past and we look forward to each new morning and what that day may bring.  Adventures make life exciting and meaningful...never dull or boring because they are action oriented.  Faith is action.

3.  The I in faith means faith is internal.  It is inside of us live right next to the God cells in us.  It is what we experience, feel, and know internally without exterior knowledge interferring.  It gives prominence to our internal lives...that is what we think before we speak or act.  It is the place we make the most important life decisions.  We don’t wear our inner beings on the outside like clothing.  We cherish the live within in all its glory and majesty.

4. T stands for trust. If we don’t trust life, if we fail to trust the universe, if we deny the greatness of God and the strong trust in him, we have no faith and we live in fear, anxiety, insecurity, guilt, and anger.  Trust is the bond that connects us to all that is holy and sacred.  Trust is what gets us up and out in the morning to face whatever life brings on us for right or wrong, good or evil, happy or or sadness. Trust is probably the greatest gift we can give back to God for the joy of human existence he has given us.  Trust is foundational to our Christianity.  Trust is what enables us to read a biblical scripture from 4000 to 2000 years ago and still get present day meaning from it.  Trust is crucial to living and all the joy we can gain from life...it is all God and God’s any way...so we may as well enjoy the fruits of trust.

5. H means health.  Faith is the healthiest thing you will ever do.  Faith brings physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and those together mean safety, salvation, and sanctity.  You may now have a bit of faith...we all do, for God gives it to us at birth.  However, we never get more until we use the little bit we have...and with each use, our faith grows and grows until we become willingly and joyfully Christs to one another.  And that is why we are all on earth now together.  To bring us all to the fullness God has made for us.

So today, consider the faith you do have.  Look for ways to increase you faith and find fear, anxiety, anger disappear from you life.  You will like and love yourself and others more every day.  You will sleep better.  You will take better care of yourself in every way.  Faith is well worth the effort.

I believe in faith and I base my life on it...and because of faith I have seen, experienced, and witnessed on unexpected miracle after another, simply because of faith.  Just one of those miracles is where you are sitting this day.

Praise God for the gift of faith, and praise each one of you who is willing to step out of these doors this morning and start growing a whole garden of faith for yourself. 
​ Amen